Post Seminar Tour

Post Seminar Tour

Option 1 - 'Makan Makan' - Let's Eat

Food plays an important role in every Singaporeans life. We great each other with ‘Sudah Makan?’ or ‘Cha Pau Liow’ – ‘have you eaten’; Singaporeans have a wide variety of cuisines to choose from Chinese, Malay, Indian, Peranakan, Eurasian as well as other Asian and Western food. So it is no surprise that we have small factories in Singapore that have great output on typical food and beverages. In a country with no agricultural produce it I even more surprising how much of food stuff is being produced.

The Defu Lane Industrial Estate I one example- small ‘flatted factories’ produce everything from cakes, noodles, otah and coffee. En route to Defu Lane the guide will introduce how these factories came about and what role the food and beverage industry plays – Singapore is one of the largest producer of Halal Food’ in Asia.

Participants will see the production of Otah Otah , a unique grilled fish-cake, a specialty in many restaurants and food centers in Singapore; they will visit a coffee roaster to see how the traditional Asian Coffee is handled from the coffee plantation in Indonesia owned by the company, shipped, prepared, roasted and packed for sale. Participants will be able to see different kind of noodle factories as well as the preparation of the ‘Carrot Cake’ basic ingredient, a vegetable wholesaler for restaurants, a muffin bakery that delivers to supermarket chains like Giant and Seng Shiong, coconut handling and much more. But the visit here will also shed light on food safety, training of handlers and licensing of small and medium enterprises like the one in Defu Lane.

Next stop is Geylang Serai were visitors will experience a traditional wet market – a heaven for every food lover and every cook. The introduction to many unusual produce and many raw spices the visit sheds light on local home cooking and gourmet cuisine in the many well-known restaurants in Singapore. The trip continues with a visit to the lastremaining Popiah Skin making restaurant for a demonstration of skin making with a hands-on trial for the visitors – make your own popiah from skin to roll! Next door awaits another unusual snack – curry puffs. Have a peak into the bakery and see how these puffs are prepared, baked and send to the shop window for sale! Insight into a very successful SME in the food industry.

The tour will end with a traditional lunch at a well-loved restaurant in the area participant will see some of the ingredients they saw in the market transformed into traditional dishes full of flavor.

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 Option 2 - The Way we live 

Take on a journey to see the way Singaporeans live. We will bring you down to a typical neighbourhood and see how the public housings are planned in Singapore and experience what it is like to live in the public housing in Singapore.


We begin the journey with a visit to the oldest Buddhist monastery in Singapore – Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery which is a National Monument for its historical and architectural value. Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery has three halls, the Hall of Celestial Kings, the Mahavira Hall and the Dharma Hall. You'll find unique architecture of the monastery and intricate detailing of the Buddhas.




Next, drive to Toa Payoh, a first generation New Town built in the late 1960s to solve the acute shortage of proper housing in Singapore. Today 98% of the population lives in a HDB flat. Stroll through the Town Centre, where you can mingle with the local people and indulge in neighbourhood shopping.
We will try the Local Subway (Mass Rapid Transit – MRT) from Toa Payoh to Bishan. Bishan is a second generation New Town designed and built in the early 1990’s to accommodate the lifestyle of a more affluent and wealthier population.


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Next, take a subway to Bishan, a second generation New Town designed and built in the early 1990’s to accommodate the lifestyle of a more affluent and wealthier population. Take this opportunity to visit Bishan Park where a stretch of River runs from the East side of Singapore to the North Side when Bishan resides in. What used to be a concrete canal is now a naturalized, meandering river teeming with life.


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Enjoy the company of visiting a Singaporean’s family home. Be welcomed to a local house and see how most Singaporeans live. With limited land in Singapore, see how Singapore’s public housings are laid and how space are utilised in a 5-room flat. The host will tell you about the lifestyle in Singapore and of course, feel free to ask any questions on Singaporean’s lives.

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